Investment Projects

Proposed architectural planning concept and feasibility studyapplied to the development of the territory of Minsk Porcelain Plant Open Joint Stock Company


1.††††† – A Shopping center

2.††††† –A multilevel parking for 300 cars

3.††††† – An Entertainment center

4.††††† - A multilevel parking for 500 cars

5.††††† – An underground two-level parking for 140 cars

6.††††† –A multistory block of flats with built-in and built-on public premises

7.††††† - A multistory block of flats with public premises built-in the ground floor


1.††††† Border of the territory of Minsk Porcelain Plant

2.††††† Housing area

3.††††† Infant and secondary schools

4.††††† Municipal buildings and public services facilities

5.††††† Health facilities

6.††††† Production and municipal facilities

7.††††† Red lines

8.††††† Border of the territory of Priorbank Open Joint Stock Company


Date of auction

February 28, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.


Auction piece

The right to design and erect capital facilities(buildings, structures) on a provided lad plot locating facilities to be pulled down


Real estate location

In the area of Kropotkina-V. Khorouzhey-Chervyakova streets and Masherova Avenue


Starting price ofauction piece in BLR

12 739 022†190


Earnest, BLR

1 275 000 000


Land plot total area, ha



The costs for preparing documents for conducting the Auction in BLR

48 611 380


Land plot functionality

A multifunctional public center


Requirements to the development

Pursuant to the feasibility study;

The territory of the 1-st economic and planning zone;

Sports and entertainment center;

Shopping center;

Housing estate;

Household services facilities


Availability of encumbrances

The real estate facilities are to be pulled down at: Kropotkina St., 91, 91/2, 91/3, 91/4, 91/5, 91/7, 91/10, 91/12, 91/14 (buildings of the sewage water treatment plant, transformer substation, painting shop, warehouse, industrial shops, garage, industrial shop, test section, industrial shop Ļ2; protection enclosures, revetment walls, gate)


An approximate size of the damage caused by the land plot withdrawal and pulling down the real estate facilities located therein in BLR

66 494 601 000



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