Minsk Region


Minsk region

Minsk region, one of the most economically developed regions of the Republic of Belarus, is situated in the central part of the country. Its territory including the city of Minsk is 39,9 thousand km (19,2% of the area of the Republic of Belarus).

The basis of the resource base is formed by potassium and rock salts, peat, iron ore, oil shale, clay, sapropels, mineral water, sand gravel and sand.

The region is administratively divided into 22 districts, comprises 24 towns (1 of them is of district subordination), 19 urban type villages, 5206 villages. Region’s population is 1454 thousand people.


Industry occupies the leading position in the region’s economy. Priority types of economic activity are: chemical industry, food production and machinery production industry.

The industry of Minsk region is represented by 380 enterprises.

The largest enterprise of chemical and petrochemical industry is Belaruskaliy, Open Joint Stock Company (Soligorsk). The largest enterprise of machinery production and metal working is Belarusian Automobile works (Zhodino), Open Joint Stock Company, specialized in large dump trucks manufacturing.

Food branch companies are specialized in the production of sugar, bakery products and pasta, meat, milk, fruit and vegetables processing.

Lumber, fiberboards, plywood, furniture and other products are manufactured by the enterprises of forestry, woodworking, and pulp and paper industry.

Chrome leather, flax fiber and knitted outwear, wearing apparel and the products of large enterprises of the consumer goods industry are widely known abroad.


Agricultural sector of the region is 400 agricultural organizations, 49 organizations of mechanical service, 9 enterprises producing fruit-vegetable products and alcoholic beverages, 18 dairies, 3 meat processing plants and 47 melioration system service enterprises. Agricultural enterprises produce a quarter of total gross output of the country annually.


There are many companies producing construction materials in the territory of Minsk region. They are lime-and-sand and ceramic bricks, reinforced concrete products, cell concrete blocks, roofing tile, millwork and many other.

Foreign Economic Activity

Export commodity structure included: products of chemical and associated industries including potash fertilizers; transport means; livestock products; machinery, equipment and devices.

Machinery, equipment and apparatus, food products, non precious metals and products made of them, the products of chemical and associated industries, plastic and products made of it prevailed in the import commodity structure.

Minsk region has significant potential for tourism development. There is the State Sports Olympic Complex ‘Logoisk’ (http://www.logoisk.by), Republican Ski Center ‘Silichi’ (http://www.silichy.by) in Logoisk district. Agroecotourism is developing fast.


Culture and science of Minsk region are represented by 1577 institutions: museums, theaters, libraries, clubs, folklore houses, folk arts centers, culture and parks, children’s schools of art, schools of music, choreography and art, specialised secondary educational establishment etc.