Organization of press-tours

Press tours holding

Why do companies hold press tours and what is their effectiveness?

Press tours are effective in the situations when it is necessary to inform about a company, unique manufacturing, services, innovative technologies introduction, new product launches, tourist or cultural attractions, etc.

Press tour is a unique opportunity to show reporters what you wish to tell as many people as possible about and make your company promoted by leading mass media of the country.

Of course you can provide journalists with information yourself. However, most often such information is published as advertorial which is rather expensive and significantly reduces the degree of readers’ belief. After all, it is common practice not to rely on advertising. That is why it is much more effective for journalists to participate in the events, view the happenings and write independent articles about them.

After the end of the press tour, journalists full of impressions, prepare editorial copies covering what they were able to see and learn.

A well-organized press tour is an extremely effective PR tool. A significant factor (especially in today’s conditions) is that a press tour organization expenditures are many times as low as advertising in the mass media publishing the articles of their journalists free of charge.

Thus, a press tour is a unique opportunity to make your company known to the public and allows you to combine journalists’ efforts from different media types at low costs.

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