Organization of presentations

Advertising placement and institutional advertising

We offer to advertise your company and products that will surely contribute to the expansion of sales markets, enhance prestige, invite investment and establish new forms of cooperation.

Available advertising placement:

• in the Bulletin of Business and Commercial Information

• in the Catalog of Exporters from Minsk and the Minsk region

• in investment projects catalog

• on the official website of Minsk department of the BelCCI.

We offer a full-color page with information about your company placed in one of our publications. These publications are distributed among full members of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Commerce of Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, business people visiting Belarus, as well as in diplomatic institutions in the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian ones located abroad free of charge.

Due to its information value and the relevance of published materials our publications have already gained wide popularity among foreign business partners interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with the industrial enterprises of Minsk, the Minsk region and the whole country. The Bulletin is published semiannually.

An image-building article is an article positioning the image of the company head or the organization as a whole.

Types of image-building articles:

Personal: creates the image of a person in general (portrait).

About a company: creates a company's image in general or in connection with a particular occasion (company’s anniversary, production changes or new products, general characteristic of a company (without cause).

An image-building interview is a positioning of the company’s head in a question-and-answer (Q & A) format. †Image-building interviews are similar to image-building articles in their objectives and types. Image-building interviews can contain a photo of the company’s head. Image-building interviews are either not signed or signed by a member of a company’s press office.

Placement of corporate press releases in the Partners’ News Section.

Notification of your actual and potential customers about products, services, seminars and other news of your company is a very effective PR method.

Drawing attention to your website.

The advantage of this type of communication is that while reading the news a person has no psychological barrier of rejection caused by traditional advertising.

Banner advertising

Internet banner advertising is the fastest and most reliable way to draw public attention to your brand and website through banners visitors who contacted you to become potential customers of your company.

Advertising requirements

·†††††††††† Advertisements declaring inequality of people by sex, race, nationality, religion, social status and property level are forbidden.

·†††††††††† Advertisements of offensive or pornographic content, exciting panic or incite violence are forbidden.

·†††††††††† Deceptive advertisements (using other people's trademarks, interface elements, etc.) are forbidden.

·†††††††††† If the advertiser’s activity is subject to licensing, advertisement should contain a license number, date of issue, expiration date and the name of the issuer.

·†††††††††† Advertising of goods subject to mandatory certification should be marked “Must be certified”.

·†††††††††† The advertiser should comply with all special requirements of the Law “On Advertising” regarding the advertising of tobacco and alcohol, medicines, financial, banking, insurance, investment services and securities, etc.

·†††††††††† Advertisers are required to present a copy of the license, specify the name and legal address of the entrepreneur or organization.

·†††††††††† If the images of Belarusian citizens are used in advertising materials (for goods, works and services of the Belarusian origin), the advertiser is obliged to present advertising materials accompanied by the passport copies of the Belarusian citizens whose images are used in these advertising materials, as well as copies of contracts with these parties for the right to use their images in the advertisement.

Organization of presentations

Presentation of a company or service is carried out with the purpose to inform the Belarusian party as well as to find business partners. Making a presentation certainly has a positive result in the development of bilateral cooperation and representation of the company's products.

We have extensive experience in the organization of presentations, business meetings, business matchmaking sessions and seminars and we will organize and make such a presentation at a convenient for your company time.

Our services (depending on your preferences) include:

•††††††††††††††† organization of presentation in a representative hall;

•††††††††††††††† coffee break and refreshments;

•††††††††††††††† invitation of at least 20 Belarusian enterprises and organizations;

•††††††††††††††† invitation of the press;

•††††††††††††††† translation services (if necessary);

•††††††††††††††† transport services in Minsk;

•††††††††††††††† invitation processing;

•††††††††††††††† organization of plant trips to Belarusian enterprises.