Promagroleasing JSC has expanded the range of leasing services

The terms of the partner leasing program “Business Solution: MTZ” have been changed

Changes have been made to the terms of the partner leasing program “Business Solution: MTW” in terms of the leasing rate.

Now, under the terms of the updated leasing program “Business Solution: MTW”, legal entities are given the opportunity to lease the entire range of equipment produced by Minsk Tractor Works OJSC with a leasing rate from 12% to 14.25% per annum, which varies depending on the lease term from 24 to 60 months, with an advance payment of 10% of the contract price of the leased item.

MTW OJSC and Promagroleasing OJSC have been reliable partners for many years. They carry out effective and mutually beneficial cooperation in promoting the products and services of the companies both on the national and international markets.

For reference: MTW OJSC is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery not only in the CIS countries, but also worldwide. MTW OJSC develops and manufactures wheeled and tracked tractors, rotary cultivators, trailed and mounted tools for agricultural, construction, forestry and municipal works, as well as spare parts.

Detailed information about the sale of equipment under the partner leasing program “Business Solution: MTW” can be found on the website in the section “Leasing under commercial terms” or by phone number: +375 (17) 203-05-19.


A memorandum was signed between Promagroleasing OJSC and Agency of International Business Development OJSC

Promagroleasing OJSC and Agency of International Business Development OJSC has signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The purpose of the signed document is mutually beneficial cooperation of the parties to ensure their effective joint work for the development and strengthening of the export potential of the Republic of Belarus, promotion of goods produced in the Republic of Belarus to international markets through financial instruments of Promagroleasing OJSC, development of entrepreneurial initiative and business activity of companies, creation of an effective system for organizing regular exchange of experience and information on projects and programs within which joint cooperation of the parties can be carried out.

The objectives of the memorandum are to establish close partnership relations between the companies, joint participation in the implementation of state policy in the use of financial and non-financial instruments to support exports and imports.

Cooperation within the framework of the signed memorandum will consolidate the efforts and actions of our companies to offer consumers optimal and cost-effective solutions, and will open new opportunities for further development and improvement of the effective activities of each of the parties.

Agency of International Business Development OJSC was founded in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 284 dated May 22, 2021 “On improving the efficiency of foreign economic activity”, within which a comprehensive system of export and import support will be ensured.


Promagroleasing OJSC has been providing assistance to the Parish of the Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky Church for three years

For many years Promagroleasing OJSC has been providing assistance to non-profit organizations that need it, and is also engaged in the activities aimed at the preservation of historical and cultural values of Belarus. This is a free choice of the Company to improve the welfare of society by implementing relevant approaches to doing business and allocating corporate resources.

The Company has been assisting in the restoration of the Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky Church since 2019 and, thanks to the charitable assistance of Promagroleasing OJSC provided to the Parish of the Church, a whole range of restoration and reconstruction works was carried out.

Thus, for the period 2019-2021, the heating system of the Church was modernized, the walls were plastered, the service facilities were repaired, a climate control system was installed, new external and internal door blocks were manufactured and installed, and the floors and walls were lined with natural stone in the main part of the Church.

More information:

Promagroleasing OJSC is a socially responsible company that has been carrying out its business in accordance with the goals and values of the company

Promagroleasing OJSC is a socially responsible company that has been carrying out its business in accordance with the goals and values of the company for more than 20 years. The Company offers the customers the purchase of machinery and equipment in leasing both from Belarusian leaders of the machine-building industry and from around the world.

The strategic objective of Promagroleasing OJSC activity is to be an effective investment tool, stimulate priority sectors of the economy and solve social problems by distributing the financial burden of lessees for a long period, as well as providing real support to Belarusian agricultural producers.

Leasing mechanisms facilitate the renewal of production capacities, costs reduction, and therefore increasing production and aggregate demand, which is a significant factor of economic growth.

Leasing is a key investment tool for the companies, which often do not have the collateral required for other types of financing. Promagroleasing OJSC, having a high level of interest in financial support for both its customers and the economic development of the company as a whole, together with its supplier partner, FTAUE DOJUS BelAgroBaltic, has developed one of the most competitive options in the leasing services market of Belarus for financing imported equipment under the leasing program “Modern solution: John Deere”.

Under this leasing program, the leasing rate is RR+1.5 pp (10% per annum), the lease term is 60 months, the advance payment starts from 20%, the currency of the contract is the Belarusian ruble, and the subject of leasing is equipment of imported brands such as JOHN DEERE, Kramer, Kuhn.

For reference: earlier, the Company has developed a leasing program “Modern solution: John Deere” together with FTAUE DOJUS BelAgroBaltic with a leasing rate from 8.75% to 13.75% per annum, varying depending on the lease term, which is 13-84 months, with an advance payment from 15 to 35%. To compare: in this financing option, with a lease term of 60 months, the leasing rate is RR+4.75 (13.25 % per annum).

It should be borne in mind that the use of both morally and physically outdated equipment causes an increased consumption of raw materials, materials and energy and, as a result, an increase in the cost of production, which negatively affects the development of the economy.

The “Modern Solution: John Deere” program will allow the companies not to spend working capital on the purchase of new property, not to stop their activities, but to attract funds for new projects, as well as reduce production and trade costs, thereby developing the economy.

In addition, it is worth noting that the social role of leasing in general and the Company’s partner leasing programs in particular is evident when the company intends to equip and create new jobs.

This contributes to the loading of the companies, stability and income growth, the confidence of the company’s employees in the safety and productivity of their work.

The importance of the ecological production is growing every year. Leasing also allows you to update systematically fleets to the desired ecological class of transport, replacing old morally and physically worn-out cars with new ones.

For reference: FTAUE DOJUS BelAgroBaltic is the official representative of DOJUS agro CJSC (Republic of Lithuania) in the Republic of Belarus, which has been working on the market of agricultural machinery in Belarus for 18 years, supplying imported equipment of JOHN DEERE, Kramer, Kuhn trademarks.

Manufacturers of American equipment of JOHN DEERE trademark, as well as Promagroleasing OJSC, support the principles of sustainable development.

Thus, at the end of May 2021, John Deere held a Day of Sustainable Development for the first time.

During the Day of Sustainable Development, John Deere identified three areas that have the greatest impact on the sustainability of agriculture: soil protection, fertilization and crop protection.

Soil protection is primarily provided through the use of larger machines, which reduces the impact on the soil. Its fertility increases, more water and nutrients accumulate. Despite the fact that large machinery has recently become heavier, soil compaction is nevertheless steadily decreasing due to the use of larger tires with low pressure.

Application of fertilizers. There are often discussions among farmers about the introduction of manure – a valuable organic fertilizer, which, however, must be used in a proper way. It gives the maximum effect if it is possible to determine accurately the need of plants for nutrients, as well as the content of these substances in manure. Today, thanks to the John Deere HarvestLab sensor, it is possible to measure it by taking samples of soil and plants.

Plant protection today also assumes high accuracy of application without overdoses of agrochemicals. This problem is solved with the help of precision farming technologies.


Begomlskoye JSC, subsidiary of Promagroleasing JSC was honored with two awards 

On February 26, 2021 Begomlskoye JSC, subsidiary of Promagroleasing JSC was announced the winner in the field of agriculture among the agricultural organizations of all types of ownership in Dokshitsy district and was awarded the Diploma of the Dokshitsy District Council of Deputies and Dokshitsy District Executive Committee on the results of work in 2020 at the meeting of best workers of the national economy of Dokshitsy District.

Also the staff of Begomlskoye JSC is put up on the board of honour with award of the certificate of the Dokshitsy District Council of Deputies and Dokshitsy District Executive Committee. 

Promagroleasing JSC took part in the business visit of the Belarusian delegation headed by Dmitry Kharitonchik, Deputy Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus to the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Promagroleasing JSC together with JSC "Amkodor" – Holding Management Company, JSC "MAZ" – Holding Management Company of "Belavtomaz", JSC "Holding Management Company "Belkommunmash" held negotiations on cooperation in terms of supplies of machinery made in Belarus with the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives of Bangladesh, Ministry of Trade and the Gazipur City Administration during the visit from March 16 to 20.

During the negotiations Mr. Tajul Islam, Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives of Bangladesh, confirmed the readiness to purchase AMKODOR machinery using the financing mechanisms of Promagroleasing JSC in the current year.

In order to develop cooperation with the Belarusian partners, the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives of Bangladesh assesses the needs of the reporting organizations in purchasing other machinery and equipment made in Belarus, including MAZ OJSC – Holding Management Company of Belavtomaz.

The possibility of use of electric transport in Dhaka and Gazipur is being worked out. The representative of JSC "Holding Management Company "Belkommunmash" was informed thereof during the meeting in order to make possible proposals for the supply of equipment, taking into account the the local road infrastructure. 

Promagroleasing JSC presents an expanded range of leasing programs on commercial terms.

Along with the developed partner leasing programs within the framework of the leasing product "Business Solution "with the Company's strategic partners, such as JSC "MAZ", JSC "MTZ "and JSC "MZKT", partner leasing programs have been developed within the framework of the leasing product" Preference " with almost all leading European and world manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

These leash program partners offer the opportunity to conclude deals on exclusive terms of cooperation, in particular, Polish-sized exit payments, competitor Eisenhower dives from 7% Goa and a person-less lease term.

Within the framework of these programs, the lessee can purchase agricultural machinery for tillage, sowing, plant protection, forage harvesting, as well as combines, feed dispensers, trailers, mineral fertilizer spreaders, tractors, telescopic loaders, etc. through Promagroleasing on leasing terms, such world flag ministries as JOHN DEERE, CLAAS KGaA mbH, AMAZONE H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG., Horsch GmbH, Krone GmbH, PALFINGER, BOGBALLE, MAZZOTTI, SILOKING, MASCHIO GASPARDO, DIECI, etc.

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