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Our law firm was established on October 10, 1995. Primarily, we provide legal services in the field of commercial law and compensation of damage. Our company provides our clientele with the following services:


·           Legal services connected with established legal entities registration, such as, for example, business companies: universal partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies and joint stock companies, cooperatives, branches and representative offices of national and foreign legal entities, entrepreneurs, organizations, associations, foreign representative offices of foreign organizations, associations and foundations, representative offices of foreign funds, sports associations, travel agencies;


·         Legal services concerning registration of changes such as: name, headquarters or primary activity, agent and representative office authorities, fixed assets, changes in capital structure, changes in the composition of members and assignment of interest (termination of membership in the company and assignment of interest to new or full members of the company, access of new members to the company’s activity, assignment of interest of a member), changing of the legal status: a merger, split-up, separation.


·         Liquidation of legal entities and the striking off the register.


·           Contract drafting during the existing business relationship (sales contracts, mediation, advocacy, factoring, forfeiting, etc.)


·           The drafting of legal documents necessary for the activity of companies;


·         Legal advice or interpretation of laws regulating commercial companies’ activity and the activity of other organizations.


·         Provision and collection of recovery claims in local and foreign currency at judicial and extrajudicial sittings, representation of interests of the injured parties (individuals and companies) in the course of exercise of right to material and non-material damage compensation at insurance companies and courts, representation at competent courts of Serbia.


We kindly ask you to inform us about the opportunities and conditions of establishment of business cooperation with our law firm.


Best regards,

Dragana Djordjevic, a lawyer

19Lermontov, Belgrade, Serbia

Tel / fax: +381 11 2886 326

Mobile tel.: +381 63 84 27 661

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