Online business negotiations with enterprises of the Perm region, Russian Federation


From May 3 to June 15, 2021, the Minsk Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducts online business negotiations for Belarusian enterprises and organizations with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in the Perm Region in order to establish mutually beneficial cooperation (on Zoom platform).

The Russian party is represented by the following companies:

1. Uralsky Krai LLC http://uraldistrict.com is the supplier of high-quality compound feed with nutritional properties, which fully corresponds to the characteristics and economic purposes of animals and birds: for animal breeding – probiotic feed additives, specimens for the prevention of endometritis, biopreservatives, for crop raising – degraders, bioinsecticides, mineral and microbiological fertilizers, including those with fungicidal properties. Interested in cooperation with agricultural enterprises, livestock complexes, wholesale and retail companies, veterinary organizations.

2. Trademark Lesovushka, SE Semyannikov Dmitry Aleksandr https://lesovushka.ru, https://vk.com/lesovalik, https://www.instagram.com/lesovushka/ produces goods for sleep, rest, sports and bath procedures: pillows, rollers, steam baths and bath mats, sachets. Natural materials such as: shavings of various tree species, meadow grasses, natural needles, natural fabrics are used in the production. Interested in cooperation with retail chains, online stores, finding a partner, a dealer.

3. Viking LLC is the supplier of restored pipes for various purposes; offers the restoration of used pipes (including oil and gas and water pipes) to an ideal condition using a unique restoration technology, which allows expanding the scope of application (for example, small-diameter pipes are used as fence supports, for the assembly of metal structures, etc.). Interested in finding a partner, in cooperation with Belarusian industrial and construction enterprises.

4. Zavod Germes LLC https://ntm-hermes.comis the manufacturer of fire-resistant explosion-proof cable penetrations NTM®. The products are certified in accordance with the standards of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU / EAC) and can be used on the territory of Belarus. The company´´s products are used by Gazprom, Rosneft, REP Holding and others. Interested in finding a partner.

5. NP Kamsky chemical company https://kxkperm.ru isthe manufacturer and supplier of industrial, analytical chemistry and chemical reagents for the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, galvanizer, energy, military-industrial enterprises, for the food industry, for water and wastewater, agriculture (incl. plant growth stimulator - analogue of natural compounds of the flavonoid group); paint products and construction chemicals; laboratory equipment and appliances, household chemicals; antiseptic products. The company is also a dealer of Chlorenchym and Ekroschem plants. Interested in cooperation with enterprises and trading companies.

6. Mirlight LLC https://www.mirlight.ru is the manufacturer of waterproof raincoats for work at industrial enterprises (resistant to chemical environment and mechanical damage), for hunting, fishing and tourism; high-visibility signal clothing; corporate clothing made of PVC; workwear with the use of reflective elements to protect against bad weather and adverse working conditions; reflective materials; fabrics for workwear. The products comply with all GOST standards, withstand chemical cleaning and do not require special care. Interested in cooperation with enterprises of the oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical, transport industries, road services, law enforcement agencies, housing and utilities, and trading companies.

7. UralOmegaPlast LLC https://u-plast.ruis manufacturer of electrical installation products: corrugated pipes of all sizes, metal hoses of all sizes, cable channels, electrical boxes for external and plaster installation, for installation in monolith, boxes, brackets; tooling for extrusion; offers services in electroplating (silvering, phosphating, tinning), zincing. Interested in cooperation with industrial enterprises, electrical installation companies, wholesale and retail enterprises.

8. NPK Milamed LLC https://milapharma.ru is themanufacturer of dietary supplements of international level using its own patented technology; the medications affect the organs and systems of the body, as a prevention and in the complex treatment of acute and chronic diseases (chondroprotective agents, vitamin D, chaga, oils, coenzyme, glycine, magnesium, glucosamine, and others); the products passed many preclinical and clinical trials. Interested in cooperation with pharmacy chains and retail companies.

9. Teplov y Sukhov LLC https://teplov.ruis manufacturer of high-quality chimney systems made of various grades of steel (more than 2,000 elements of products of five chimney systems with a diameter of 80-1,200 mm. we create insulation coatings, shells, technical insulation); the company is one of the leaders of the Russian market of chimney systems; the products are also known in Belarus. Interested in finding a partner.

10. Kredo Plast LLC http://kredoplast.ru is the enterprise of the Credo holding is a manufacturer of polymer sheets, geomembranes, which are used in high-tech equipment, in strengthening dumps, waterproofing pipes, protecting slopes, creating reservoirs, strengthening dams, at landfills and oil storage facilities. Interested in finding a partner.

11. Kedron LLC http://kedron.ru is the manufacturer and supplier of precision products made of fluoroplastic, polyamide and compositions based on them, moulding components made of various polymers. Interested in cooperation with Belarusian enterprises.

12. Company “Polimer” LLC www.komp-pol.ru is the manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality polymer products made of fluoroplastic and compositions based on it: fluoroplastic, polyamide, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, POM (film, tape, rods, bushings, disks, surface protection, lining, foil dielectrics). Interested in finding a partner.

Should you be interested in participation in negotiations with Perm companies we ask you to pass online registration.

Contact phone numbers: +375 29 106 98 96, +17 239 27 71, 289 56 81 (80),
e-mail: eet@tppm.by.  

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