Exchange commodities examination


Minsk Branch of the BelCCI, UE is a certified expert of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange. After becoming our client you enjoy the opportunity of using services of highly qualified specialists who are able to carry out the examination of commodity exchange warehouses, as well as other types of examination on request and at the expense of participants in exchange trade.


The examination is conducted on the basis of a customer’s request in accordance with the agreed terms of the contracting parties of the examination.


Contract for examination is made after preliminary negotiations and includes the following:


•         banking details of the contracting parties;

•         information needed for the of the exchange commodity examination in accordance with laws and regulations currently in effect;

•         customer's agreement to fulfill mandatory requirements for the examination and payment of expenses for its conduct regardless of the examination results;

•         period of examination.


The following documents are required for the examination:

•         commercial;

•         shipping;

•         normative and technical documentation;

•         a product standard and (or) product samples (if necessary).


If required, the experts of Minsk Branch of the BelCCI, UE within their scope of authority will have the right to request the customer to present additional documentation concerning the object under examination.


Expert examination results are registered in the form of a report. Signed by an expert Examination reports are registered at Minsk Branch of the BelCCI, UE. Registration record will be signed by the head of the department and certified by the seal of Minsk Branch of the BelCCI, UE. Registered examination report is issued to the customer.


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