Specialized visit to Madrid from January 30 to February 3, 2019

From January 30 till February 3, 2019 a specialized visit of representatives of Belarusian enterprises to Madrid was held for heads of departments of organizational, legal and personnel work, organized by the Minsk branch of BelCCI together with a representative of BelCCI in Spain.

The purpose of the Belarusian delegation staying was to get familiarized with the activities of leading specialists and specialized companies in the field of personnel policy for the exchange of experience as well as further cooperation and development of common projects.

The issues of human resource management, diversity, HR branding, staff remuneration, motivational audit, talent development, etc. became the main focus of interest.

From January 31 to February 1 the Belarusian party held a series of meetings with the Spanish Association of Human Resources Managers, the International Compliance Association (represented in almost all Latin American countries), Hays-executive (world leading experts in the field of recruiting qualified personnel), the BLC group (the largest Spanish group, including more than a dozen specialized companies in the field of HR), Lukap, Eurocoaching (cooperating with multinational companies for over 25 years) and other institutions and specialists in Coaching, Corporate Responsibility, Labor Relationship Management and Professional Career Development.

The meetings were held at the level of presidents and co-owners of companies in presence of HR Directors of the Second Bank of Spain BBVA and other multinational corporations.

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