Business meeting with the delegation of Heilongjiang Province (PRC), September 19, 2017

The opening was attended by:

Dubova Tatyana Yaroslavovna - Deputy Director General of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

Ji Mei - Head of the Commerce Department of Heilongjiang Province, Head of the Chinese delegation.

Elizabeth Ostrovskaya, project manager of the Investor Support Department of the State Agency "National Agency for Investments and Privatization" made a presentation on the subject "Economic and Investment Potential of the Republic of Belarus"

Dmitry Zikratsky, lawyer, business consultant, presented the "Business Conditions in the Republic of Belarus".

The presentation of the "Xuan Yuan" Corporation was held by Mr Wang Jing Yi - Head of the Representative Office of the Corporation.

Representatives of 4 enterprises from different fields of activity: import-export of food products, international transportations, production, installation and repair of elevators for various purposes, forestry and woodworking industry took part in the B2B negotiations on the Chinese side.

Representatives of 10 Belarusian enterprises took part in the negotiations from the Belarusian side. Among them there are: LOC "AOI Logistic Park", JSC "Minsk Group of Bread Products", JSC "Mogilevliftmash", OJSC "Slutsk cheese factory", etc.

During B2B negotiations the following directions were discussed: reserve stock of grain and crop trading, agricultural products processing, transboundary transportations, sea and railway transport express delivery, cooperation in the sphere of lifts sailing and repairing, the building of woodworking factory in the Republic of Belarus with the Belarusian enterprises participation.

The business meeting resulted in the generation of following intentions:

Adlergroup Ltd. and UAB ARIJUS are interested in the cooperation with the ! »! in the sphere of transport and logistics services.

OJSC "Slutsk cheese factory" is intended to develop partnerships with the Beidahuang Food Co., Ltd. In particular, the samples of dry cream were given to the corporation representatives in order to consider the opportunity of their use in manufacturing.

JSC "Belarusian Forest Company" intends to supply plywood and cooperate in the flooring production with "Cheng-chan Ltd” (Ninan).

The “Business Projection Ltd plans to cooperate with the Beidahuang Food Co.,Ltd and the Jianhua Elevator Co., Ltd. (Qiqihar) in consulting services.

Also, in the framework of the Heilongjiang delegation visit enterprises - residents of the FEZ "Minsk" such as Mebelink Ltd and the Joint Venture "Softform" Ltd working in the production and design of cabinet and office furniture attended.

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