Press tour at CJSC Oblrapsagroservis on August 24, 2017

CJSC “Oblrapsagroservis” is scale investment project successfully realized in Belarus. The enterprise is tooled with modern equipment and masters the high technologies of oilseeds processing.

The priority direction of the production activity of the enterprise is deep processing of rape seeds for the purpose of obtaining rapeseed oil and rapeseed meal. The products are in constant demand, both in the domestic market of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The deliveries are carry outto Russia, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, the Baltic countries and the CIS.

New regions and countries are constantly being developed. The enterprise was visited by correspondents from the radio "Belarus", the 1st channel of the Belarusian radio, the newspaper "Zvyazda", the newspaper "SB Belarus Today", the TV channel "STV".

During the event there was a press conference with the participation of management and experts.

Representatives of the media visited the main producing department of the enterprise, got acquainted with the products.

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