Business visit of the Belarusian specialists in law to Warsaw (Poland)

On the 25th - 28th of July, 2016 Minsk branch of BelCCI organized a specialized business visit for Belarussian companies’ legal departments’ representatives. They were invited to take part in a training workshop «International business contract with a counterparty from Poland. Typical mistakes and risks, specifics of writing a contract. Real-life experience of working with Polish companies».

From the Polish side the visit was organized by law firm “Halas and partners”.

The delegation consisted of the specialists from 5 Belarusian companies: CUE “Minskhlebprom”, UE “Bellesexport”, bar association “Belinyurkollegia”, FEZ “Gomel-Raton”, IE “Bankovskaya I.G.”.

The visit was aimed at upgrading the skills of Belarusian specialists in law and foreign economy, experience exchange.

The visit program included the participation of the Belarusian delegation in a two-day practical workshop at the law firm "Halas and Partners."

Polish law firm staff have prepared several special topics, focused on Belarusian business entities, for the workshop.

Law firm "Halas and Partners" is one of the largest and the most famous and leading brands in the Polish legal services market. The company specializes in providing services for large business entities, and the majority of its clients are leading foreign concerns. "Halas and Partners" is a company with a strong international profile, which provides legal services through a network of branches and partner offices located in more than 20 countries around the world. An international team of lawyers offers its clients high-quality integrated legal services.

The following topics of interest to the Belarusian enterprises were discussed at the seminar:

- Formation of contracts with Polish counterparts;

- Features of contracts with a Polish contractor;

- Contractual liability;

- Forms to enforce the obligations.

The main types of contracts in the framework of trade relations in the Republic of Poland are: a contract of sale / delivery, a cooperation agreement / framework agreement, agency agreement, distribution agreement, commission agreement. During the workshop the structure, sections and contents of various types of contracts were presented in detail, as well as the rules of their preparation in order to ensure performance. All of the participants were provided with handouts with complete coverage of the topics. At the end of the workshop each of the Belarusian representatives was granted with a Certificate of Legal company "Halas and Partners."

At the same time, taking into account the wishes of the participants, an agreement was worked out with the management of the company to organize another workshop for the legal services of the enterprises of Belarus on "Collection of receivables, methods and instruments, judicial practice" in 2017.

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