Awarding of certificates of full members of the BelCCI, March 27, 2015

On March 27th, 2015 in the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce the first deputy of Chairman of the of the BelCCI Nahaenko A.V. and CEO of UE "Minsk Department of of the BelCCI," Fedorchuk A.A handed over to representatives of 21 enterprises of Minsk and the Minsk region the certificates of membership in the BelCCI.

During the meeting with representatives of enterprises they were presented to foreign economic and information services, business support services, evaluation and certification, as well as patent and license services of the BelCCI.

Among the new members of BelCCI are the enterprises of different business spheres:

«Legir Plus Ltd.»;

JSC «Macrodor»;

The Law Office «Stepanovskiy,Papakul and the partners»;

JSC «Slutsk Combine of Bread»;

«AtakSolutions Ltd. »;

Private enterprise "Tunick";

JLLC «Danprod»;

IE Kutyan Vitaliy Vladimirovich;

LLC «BelVDLservis»;

UE «GrandAlira»;

NP CJSC «BelTehSvyazDetalMn»; «CartridgePro Ltd.»;

Private enterprise "Petramebel";

« LimoStar Terminal Ltd»;

Private enterprise "Svedar";

«Pacland Zaschshitnaya Upakovka Ltd»;

JLLC «Belarusian Cloud Technolohies»;

Private enterprise "Automated tourism technologies";

ODO "KPDomservis";

"A-list Ltd.";

"Kraftwerk Vaysrusland."

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