B2B meetings with representatives of Chelyabinsk region enterprises (Russian Federation) on April 27, 2015

On 27th of April 2015 within the frames of the work visit to the Republic of Belarus of the representatives of Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation headed with the Governor of Chelyabinsk region B.A.Dybrovsky Minsk Department of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry conjointly with the South Urals Chamber of Commerce organized B2B meetings between Chelyabinsk and Belarusian businessmen.

During the B2b meetings the representatives of 68 Belarusian and 30 Chelyabinsk enterprises and organizations held negotiations according to the following branches: engineering services, special equipment and agricultural machinery, machine tool industry, energy, electrical equipment and electric drives, mining and processing of marble and porcelain tiles, heating and ventilation, wholesale, livestock and crop production, foodstuffs.

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