Conference of the labor collective of the Unitary Enterprise "Minsk Branch of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce".

On March 4th , 2015 was held a conference of labor collective UE "Minsk Branch of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce".

The conference was attended by chairman of the Belarusian Chamber and Commerce Mihail Mihaylovich Myatlikov, general director of UE “Minsk Department of BelCCI” Alexander Alekseevich Fedorchuk, Deputy Director of General director for examination Olga Viktorovna Nudnova , Deputy Director General for Foreign Economic Activity Tatyana Yaroslavovna Dubova, Chief of the examination and certification of the BelCCI Nikolay Nikolaevich Zhukovskiy, Head of financial and economic service Sergey Vladimirovich Nebeshko and other stuff of UE “Minsk Branch of Belarusian Chamber of commerce”.

According to the agenda of the conference the topic "On execution of the main financial indicators for 2014 and the challenges facing the Minsk branch of BelCCI in 2015" acted the general director of the unitary enterprise "Minsk branch of the BelCCI" A. Fedorchuk.

The report "On amendments to the collective agreement Unitary Enterprise" of the Minsk Branch of Belarusian Chamber and Commerce "for 2014 - 2017 years" was announced by leading counsel Natalia Nikolaevna Novikova

As a result of the event was acceptations by the Conference of the labor collective UE "Minsk Department of Belarusian Chamber and Commerce" the tasks for 2015.

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