The Law of the Republic of Belarus dated 16.06.2003 No. 208-Z “On the Chamber of Commerce and Industry” defines activities of the chamber of commerce and industry in the field of examination, namely: examination of quantity, quality and package contents of goods, raw materials, materials and equipment.

Examination means a research, done by an expert of any issues, the solution of which requires special knowledge in the fields of science, technology, trade, etc.

When importing goods, a participant of foreign economic activities may encounter a number of serious problems related to their quantity, completeness and quality.

The misunderstanding by many businessmen of the role of independent expertise in ensuring successful foreign trade operations largely results from the lack of money or the desire to save it or the hope that a foreign partner would not fail and deliver goods of the right quality and quantity, ensuring their appropriate packaging. And when this does not happen, many problems arise regarding the return of funds for low-quality goods or their exchange.

To implement these services, the Unitary Enterprise “Minsk Branch of the BelCCI” has qualified specialists listed in the registries of the “Expert of the BelCCI” and “Expert of the CIS” systems.

In their work the experts rely on many years of experience in conducting the examination. An analytical individual approach to each order and the observance of strict confidentiality guarantee objectivity and reliability in the application of the information provided for the customers.

Modern business requires a professional approach to solving all emerging issues. Both for domestic and foreign partners there is no better guarantee of quality and reliability than a document certified by the signature of a specialist of the Unitary Enterprise “Minsk Branch of the BelCCI”.