Certification of goods origin

The unitary enterprise “Minsk Branch of the BelCCI” conducts the examinations to identify the country of origin of goods, manufactured in the Republic of Belarus, intended for export or for conducting procurement procedures in the Republic of Belarus.

The country of origin of goods is identified with the aim of applying tariff and non-tariff measures to regulate the import of goods into the customs territory of the country and the export of goods from this territory, as well as ensuring the accounting of goods in foreign trade statistics.

The identification of the country of goods origin is based on the principles of international practice. The country of origin of goods is considered to be the country in which the goods were completely produced or subjected to sufficient processing in accordance with the criteria established by the legislative acts of the country. Moreover, as the country of origin of goods there can be understood a group of countries, customs unions of countries, a region or a part of a country, if there is a need to isolate them in order to identify the origin of goods.

The customs duty rate is established depending on the country of goods origin. The country of origin of goods is identified in all cases where the application of customs tariff and non-tariff regulation measures depends on the country of goods origin.

The certificate of origin is issued after the examination on the basis of the examination certificate. 

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